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Thanksgiving for All


Primarily serving seniors in New Haven County (those 60 yrs and over), this program also serves food insecure families on Thanksgiving Day as well as homebound neighbors unable to prepare a holiday meal. Each year well over 1,000 meals are delivered on Thanksgiving Day thanks to a partnership of several local organizations and hundreds of volunteers.

IVCG is proudly provides registration services necessary to organize this massive meal distribution effort. Additional service provided by IVCG includes efficient routing for volunteer drivers, event-day support, and collaborative production of the pie production with the Hopkins School.

Program Logistics

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, giving, and great food!  ALL seniors deserve to feel the love and care that is embodied by this holiday. To support homebound seniors and seniors in need, IVCG is proud to be a leading community partner with DESK (Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen) in the yearly "Thanksgiving for All" community program.

In 2023 we helped ensure that over 1,250 meals were provided. This was done through a strong coalition of partners and well over 100 volunteers. With supportive community donors, we hope to continue this extraordinary tradition in 2024 when seniors will once again be able to register for their free Thanksgiving meal (cooked and delivered!).

To support the 2024 Thanksgiving for All program, you may donate to IVCG today. You may also donate to one of our program partners such as DESK (the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen). 

Sponsorship will be available for organizational leaders in 2024.

Email Sarah Mach for more information:

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