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Board service: 4/12/2023 – present.

My Story

I am a native of Hamden, went to the University of Connecticut received a BA in Political Science. I then went to graduate school, getting a JD from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, with a focus on financial economics.
I spent most of my career in the investment management, primarily as an investment strategist, researching and developing investment ideas and communicating that research to help clients make informed decisions. I have been quoted by major news organizations, spoken to audiences around the world, and published many articles in financial journals. As a senior leader in these firms, I have been confronted the issues of strategic planning, hiring, marketing, and the other aspects of running a business, while doing my “day job” of investment research.
I wanted to be part of a community and gain some connection between my work and personal life. I moved back to New Haven to start Homewatch CareGivers, a home healthcare company with my wife Mary Elizabeth in 2020 – just in time for COVID. Despite a tough start, we have thrived, opening a second office in Guilford. I have been involved in several local organizations, including the Shoreline Eldercare Alliance and the Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers.
Homewatch CareGivers was started by Mary Elizabeth and Matthew Peterson after seeing the impact of aging on all members of the family. We know that families we work for may need as much care as our clients. Our family started Homewatch CareGivers of New Haven with the vision and mission of “improving care, one life at a time.” We offer high-quality home health care with an emphasis on helping older adults and others retain their independence and live where they chose.
We have put together a team of reliable, well-trained home caregivers who share the same vision of providing high-quality care for the best outcome. We empower our caregivers by mentoring them and providing resources for both professional and personal growth. All our employees undergo an extensive background and reference check prior to hiring.
Matthew had a successful career in the investment business as a portfolio manager and investment strategist. He published a number of articles and was frequently interviewed on matters related to the markets and the economy. However, the most satisfying part of his job was helping clients manage the emotional and technical issues in personal finance. His clients knew that he “had their back” and that he would do his best for them. Matthew takes the same approach to his clients at Homewatch CareGivers.


Thank you for your interest in IVCG. I look forward to connecting with those who hold a passion for our community and invite you to reach out with your story.

(475) 257-6538

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