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Board service: 11/9/2022 – present.

My Story

Nathan (Nate) Bixby lives and gardens in the West River watershed in Paugussett /Quinnipiac lands now in the jurisdiction of the City of New Haven CT. A father of one adult daughter, and a musician, Nate comes from long lines of social workers and clergy, farmers and nature lovers. His involvement in the non-profit world has included elementary education, low-income housing and community development, 12 years in development at Yale University, (including 9 years as the Membership Coordinator at the Peabody Museum of Natural History), the founding in 2003 of Network for a Sustainable New Haven (now Havens for Thriving Futures), and currently works with a constellation of partners to map and develop collaborative funding and action ecosystems for bioregional regeneration. Nate is active as a home improvement contractor and on the board of directors of Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven.


Thank you for your interest in IVCG. I look forward to connecting with those who hold a passion for our community and invite you to reach out with your story.

(475) 257-6538

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